Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Group Visits

Terms & Conditions

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the following terms and conditions are adhered to before, during and after each function.

1. General

For the comfort of our other guests, the duration time of functions booked must be strictly adhered to. The client is responsible for controlling the behaviour of their guests.

2. Car Parking

Two cars can enter the main drive way of the property and park close to the large machinery shed (shown on your map).

All other visitors must use the car parking area by the 3 large silos (accessed from Pipeline Rd), and walk into the property via the fenced walkway between the cow paddock.

3. Ground Rules, Safety and Animal Feeding

– use your map to find animal feeding locations

– do not enter the animal yards for any reason

– do not climb on fencing and gates

– Approach the animals in a quiet and calm manner

– when feeding the animals, keep your hand flat with food placed on your palm

– do not hand feed the pigs! They have very sharp teeth and aren’t  called ‘pigs’ for nothing!

– please do not enter private sheds

– clean BBQ before leaving

– please utilize bin for all rubbish

– pack away outdoor games

– respect other guests

– take note of hay shed and shed booking times

– please remember to wash your hands after feeding and touching the animals

– Have fun!

4. Cleaning

While cleaning is included in your booking, you can find a variety of cleaning equipment in the toilet, which you are welcome to use during your time with us.

5.  Care of the Grounds

We have put a lot of effort and time into what Redwing has become, so please respect the area. Any breakages and damage caused by guests will charged accordingly.

6. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited on the grounds. People wishing to smoke will need to walk back to the entrance of Redwing’s driveway.

7. Photography & Social Media

Photographs can be taken anywhere in the grounds, however to respect other guests, please do not enter the private yards of the Shearers Quarters, Barn or near Little Patty.

We love seeing your pictures, so feel free to post photos to social media and tag us with @redwingfarmstay

8. Cancellation Policy

We are so excited that you have made your booking, but we also understand that life changes and that things get in the way. 

You may transfer your booking to another alternative date at no cost. Please contact us for any cancellation and transfer requests.

​Should you need to cancel, any refund requests up to 2 weeks prior to your scheduled booking will be subject to a booking fee of 25%.

9. Privacy Policy: 

​We do not share your details with any third party. 


Please note that you enter the premises at your own risk and on the condition that you have no right of action against the owner or operator of these premises, or their servants or agents, for any injury to you or any person, or loss or damage to your personal property.

Our stay was amazing. We will be returning again.
Amy Johnson